How to make cute shorts from old jeans…

Reinvent your old pants!

Boot cut is out? Make TRENDY SHORTS (e.g. in folklore style) out of your old jeans!

Here is the step-by-step rundown of how to make shorts from an old pair of jeans:

1. Put the desired old pair of jeans on and mark how short you want the shorts to be. Take jeans off and fold them together back pockets facing each other and smooth down (see picture).With a piece of chalk or a pencil mark where you will cut.

2. Cut both pant legs at once where you have marked them.
3. Carefully unstitch the seam of the side of your pants with a pair of scissors or a special unstitcher.

4. Fold the old seam line inwards and pin a new fabric in desired style to the inside leaving a triangle of mew fabric visible. Since pants are normally very fitted they will be to tight around your thighs if you only cut of the legs, so this is why we increase the diameter of the pant legs with this method for the pants to fit really well and by the way look cool!
5. Sew fabric triangle onto shorts. Either leave the short legs open to have fringes, seam them off or (as I have done it) pin and sew a lace band to the inside of the shorts legs.

This will take about 1-3 hours, depending on how experienced you are with sewing. The possibilities are just about indefinite!


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