How to plant tomatoes…



Upon popular request, here a step-by-step rundown of how to repot plants (nope, it’s not a no-brainer!):

How to repot tomatoes and other veggies:

1. Take out plant from plastic pot; set plant aside
2. Cut out the bottom of plastic pot, and place it over the drain
holes of the larger pot you want to use (this will protect the
holes from clogging with soil when watering)
3. Fill pot with soil until nearly full
4. Add organic fertilizer (e.g. Hornspaene)
5. Mix the soil and fertilizer
6. Dig a hole large enough to fit the plant’s roots (tomatoes
need to be inserted a little deeper than other plants. They
sprout roots from a few inches up their stem, so make sure
you remove any low hanging leaves and cover the first 1
1\2 inches of the stem with soil)
7. Place plant in the hole and fill up the remaining space with
8. Pat the soil down and spread it evenly across the surface
9. Add a large (and I mean large!) amount of water until the
soil muddies up. This process is called sluicing, which helps
to evenly disperse the soil within the container

If you have any questiones I would be happy to help you! :o)

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