BARRAQUITO (Spanish coffee with liqueur 43)



Imagine sitting in a cozy little café directly at the sea side on a little Spanish island  called La Gomera. It is just the perfect spring temperature and you relax, listening to the braking waves and looking at the endless sunny horizon framed by palm trees. At this kind of scenery I was served the best summer coffee! Sweet, orangey and sunny…

BARRAQUITO (Spanish coffee with liqueur 43)

2 cl Sweetened, Condensed Milk

2 cl Liqueur 43 (or Grand Marnier, Tía María, etc.)

2 cl Espresso, Hot

1 slice Lemon Peel

100 ml Milk

1 dash Cinnamon


Foam the milk. In a heat proof glass pour in the condense milk, then the liqueur, then the lemon peel, then slowly the warm milk, then the foam and slowly pour the coffee through the foam so it will build a ring under the foam. Top with cinnamon. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. It’s all about tranquility!

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