A while ago I figured I should try to minimize my milk-product intake. Firstly, because I have a mild lactose intolerance and second because studies have shown a significant correlation between breast (and prostate) cancer and milk-product consume.

So, I initially switched to lactose free milk, which only got rid of one of the problems and I am not sure if chemically produced lactase is so healthy either.

Then I switched to soy milk. I did have to get used to the taste, however, after quite a bit of research I found out that soy is even worse, due to the high concentration of so called Phyto-estrogens (a hormone produced in females and a main component of the anti-baby pill) which have been proven to lead to infertility in men and damage of the thyroid (a hormone producing organ). Apparently these phyto-estrogens are beneficial for women in the menopause though.

However, now I switched to almond milk. I was so surprised how good it tastes! There is unsweetened and sweetend versions. The sweetened almond milk with vanilla has the same amount of fat as in low-fat milk (1%) and the same amount of sugar (5%) as in normal milk. That is why the taste pretty much resembles milk with a yummy nutty twist.

Well, the most surprising thing was that it is the easiest and fastest thing to make yourself!! I did a few experiments and here is my favorite version:

For ½ liter

100 g raw almonds (the normal ones for snacking or baking), if you like take peeled ones

2 Tsp maple syrup (or any other sweetener you like…honey, agave syrup…)

½ Tsp vanilla extract


Cover almonds with water and soak overnight. Strain almonds and put into a blender together with 500 ml fresh water. Blend. The consistency will get really nice and creamy. Now pour everything into a cloth strainer (clean cloth dippers, cheese cloth or multiple layers of paper towels) and squeeze out as much milk as you can. Don’t through away the almond flakes you can make a great cake of them. Mix together the almond milk with the maple syrup and vanilla extract and refrigerate.

Oh, I can’t wait for my next cereal!

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