shower gel

Hahahaha…I finally made it!! During my latest project on how to make a shower cream I literally used everything I found in my kitchen. Don’t try using agar-agar…it just doesn’t work at all! And today I just came up with this easy recipe only made of stuff one finds at home. J Here it is…


50 ml coconut milk

125 ml rape-seed oil (or any other oil you like)

½ Tsp preserve helper (Natrium benzoate; Einsiedehilfe from Billa), dissolved in 1Tbsp hot water

5 Tbsp liquid neutral soap (castile soap)

30 drops essential oil (rose, orange, grapefruit…)

5 drops food coloring (green looks nice)


Fill coconut milk into a high narrow measuring cup. With an immersion blender blend and slowly fill in the oil. It will become creamy now. Add the dissolved preserve helper and the other ingredients. Mix and fill into a clean bottle.

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