I just love all kinds of soups. This is a typical Austrian heartwarming spring soup.


(for 10 small Knoedels)

120 g diced dry white bread (Semmelwuerfel)
2 eggs
80 g ham (cut in 3mm large dices)
50 g onion (diced)
2 Tbsp oil (or butter)
100 ml warm milk
1 Tbsp parsley (chopped)
Salt, marjoram
Good beef broth

In a pan heat oil (butter) and fry ham and onions. In a bowl mix all ingredients together and let sit for 10 minutes. Meanwhile bring 3 L salted water to a boil. With wet hands form small Knoedels by rolling and pressing 2 Tbsp Knoedel-mass between your hands. The Knoedels should have a slightly creamy and smooth surface. Put the Knoedels in the boiling saltwater and simmer for about 12 minutes. Take the Knoedels out of the water and place them on plates. Pour hor soup over the Knoedels and garnish with chives.

THIS is a soup!!

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