It’s just the right time of year for a hot steaming bath, isn’t it?

Don’t you find these Bath Products like LUSH extremely expensive?

Well, I tell you what…I want to have a “smile” post for everyone who is surprised how easy you can make real bath bombs yourself in under 7 minutes for under 1 € each!!


Makes 5

200 g Baking soda (Natron)

100 g citric acid (Zitronensäure zum einkochen)

150 g salt

12 Tbsp oil (e.g. olive, rapeseed…)

30 drops 100 % pure essential oils (any kind you like)


Mix and form a ball or press into molds of a silicon form. Let them dry for 2 days. Use in 2 month or the sizzling will lose effect. You can also add food coloring if desired.

Have fun!!

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