Pina colada tiramisu

Pina Colada Tiramisu

Summer feeling with my quick, light and delicious:


(for 4 persons)

250 ml whipped heavy cream (low fat)

250 g low fat farmer’s cheese (Magertopfen)

8 Tbsp confectioner sugar

4 Tbsp coconut flakes

5 slices fresh or canned pineapple cut into small pieces

4 cl good rum

16 biscotti

 Mix together whipped cream, farmer’s cheese, sugar and coconut flakes. Shortly dip biscotti in rum and place them on the bottom of a small to medium casserole dish (or in 4 individual small glasses or as shown here in the rind of a pineapple). Cover with cream mixture and them with pineapple pieces. Continue this over and end with pineapple and cream.

Chill before serving.

You can in- or decrease the amount of this recipe as desired.

This is so fast and soooooo good!!!! My boyfriend just couldn’t stop eating it!! 🙂

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