Honestly, I didn’t think this will work. After I had read (as it felt) about 1 trillion web sites and books I was very discouraged before even starting to try my own. The recipes either called for some frickingly toxic stuff (please, please, please don’t use dissolved shellac…that stuff is for cars!!) or they were reported to make you look like an escaped mad(wo)man. Well, in the end I gathered all my scientific logics and designed my own formula with ingredients I had at home. Problem to solve: The mascara should be non-toxic, non smeary, non- crumbly, rather gooey, strong in color and long lasting, but it should not harden before I can apply it….

Hahaha…well, challenge accepted! I was soooo surprised and absolutely did not expect my second result to come out just great!! I am fascinated! It makes my lashes look just like with any good volumizing black mascara.

The consisteny is of a paste. So, what I do is I apply it with one brush and with a clean macara-brush I separate the lashes by brushing through once more. It doesn’t even come of when rubbing your eyes or with plain water. Use make up remover or oil to take it off.

Let me know what you think!!


1 Tsp Tegomuls (combines the fat phase and water phase. Yes, you need it.)

½ Tsp bees wax

1 Tsp castor oil (or jojoba oil)

½ Tsp hydrous wool fat (Lanolin)

3-4 Tbsp Rose water (or distilled water)

¼ Tsp Agar-Agar

3 Tablets active charcoal (from the pharmacy), ground in a mortar to fine powder


In one glass combine Tegomuls, wax, oil, lanolin. In a second glass combine rose water and agar-agar. Place both glasses in a pot filled with 2-3 fingers high water. Bring water to a boil until the wax and lanolin is molten. Take both glasses out of the water bath. Now under fast stirring movements mix in the water phase into the fat-wax phase and mix until it has a creamy consistency. Mix 2 Tbsp of this cream into the charcoal powder one table spoon by a time and mix to the consistency of a paste. Fill into small containers or with a syringe into a cleaned mascara bottle. That is it! J

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