Moroccan Preserved Salt Lemons


This is the special flavour boost that makes not only middle eastern dishes addictive! I used it in a chicken stuffing and it was delicious!!

5 organic lemons
4 Tsp + 1 Tbsp salt
Boiling water
Twist-off glass, large enough to hold 4 lemons

Cut lengthwise creases into 4 lemons as if you would quarter them. This way the lemons are quartered but are still connected in the middle. In these creases sprinkle eacch 1/4 Tsp salt and press together. Put them into the preservation glass together with 1 Tbsp salt and the juice of the fifth lemon. Fill up with boiling water and immediately close. Marinate for 3 weeks.
For cooking use only the lemon peel and juice.

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