Increase/decrease breast milk supply

Speaking of breast milk supply: some have too much (wow, that can hurt) and some have too little (which is very frustrating!). Everybody who has a baby and decides to breast feed will cross this concern. Here are my natural remedie tips for both cases, which I have all tried and really work:


– 4 cups of anis tea or fenel-caraway-anis tea (1 tsp anis seeds or fenel/caraway/anis seed mixture (1:1:1) per cup of boiling water and let sit in a covered cup for at least 5 minutes)
Be careful this does really work and when it kicks in you could end up with huge breasts with enough milk to feed a dozen babies.

– alcohol free wheat beer or malt beer


– 3 cups sage tea (1 tsp dried sage leaves per cup and let sit in a covered cup for at least 5 minutes)


Rub out just as much milk from your breast that your breast stops hurting insanely. Best do this under the shower with smooth striking movements twards your nipple while holding your breast with the other hand. Don’t overdo or this will stimulate more milk production. Cover breast with cool packs wrapped in a linnen for at least 10 minutes.

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