How to make a perfect medium steak!


How to make a perfect medium steak!

Recently I have learned how to make a perfect steak at home that tastes like the ones in the US restaurants. I prefer a piece of beef that has a bit of fat like prime rib (Rostbraten) or rib eye.

With a paper towel wipe just as little bit of neutral oil onto the bottom of a pan so it won’t stick. Then heat the pan to a medium-high temperature. When the pan is hot place the steaks in the pan. The rule is: Fry the unseasoned (!) steak on each side for exactly 60 seconds per centimeter of steak thickness. (A 3 cm thick steak should be fried 3 minutes on each side) Then wrap the steak in double layered aluminum foil and place next to the hot but touchable surface of the stove top also for 1minute per cm. (makes 3 minutes for our 3 cm steak) Now add salt and pepper. Done!

The principle behind this is that the fibers of the muscle contact while heating. While resting at temperatures under 70°C the muscle relaxes again and the meat will become tender. Easy, isn’t it?

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