smoked salmon (2) (480x640)


I was blown away by this idea of a Japanese friend of mine. This is THE BBQ hit! It is easy to make and tastes so delicious people will be crowding around to get more…this is the right stuff to forget your good manners.


Raw salmon filets (also sausages or hard boiled peeled eggs are great!)

Wood chips (cherry)



2 large deep aluminum trays

1 small aluminum tray


Light charcoal in a grill until glomming. Punch lots of holes in the small tray. Fill one large deep aluminum tray with ½-1 cm wood chips and set small tray upside down in the middle. Place on the grill and wait until smokes starts to form from the burning wood chips. Now place raw salmon filets, skin facing down, on the small tray and cover with the second large tray. Let smoke for about 30 minutes. The salmon will be of the consistency as oven baked salmon just with a smoky flavor.

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