Happy Rosen creme


On my nerdy journey to make all of my cosmetics at home my newest project is making a really good and easy facial cream. After two miserable attempts I have finally found a beautiful rose cream for normal to dry skin that smelly like liquid luck, makes your skin feel soft and look fresh and is done in 15 minutes!! I will continue try and find a cream for oily skin as well…so, stay tuned!!


(For about 60 ml)

5 g bees wax
15 g wool fat (lanolin anhydrat)
40 ml almond oil
50 ml rose water
5 drops 100 % essential happy feelings oils (lemon, lime, orange…)
1 Tbsp pure love

In a double boiler melt wool and bees wax. Mix in almond oil and mix well. Warm both fat mixture and rose water to 60°C. Drop by drop add the warmed rose water constantly stirring rigidly. Stirr until cream has cooled down to about 30 °C. (This was always the problem, if you dont stir it until it is cold the cream brakes and water comes out of the mixture) The cream will have a very creamy texture. Add the happy essential oils and mix again. Scoup the cream into 60 ml cream containers.
Kept dark and cool the cream is good for at least 4 months.


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