Fresh Honey Mead


Oh my god…This is just delicious! I can not find words for this easy to make nectar of the gods. Sorry, I have to go and make more now….

3 l unfiltered apple juice
1/2 Tsp Yeast with high alcohol tolerance (not the one for bakeing)
1/2 kg Honey
1 large bucket with a lid and fermentation tube, sterilized

Day 1: Mix 1,5l apple juice and the yeast in the sterilized bucket. Close and store at room temperature. Idealy at about 20°C.

Day 2: Add rest of apple juice and mix. Close lid.

Day 3: Add honey and mix. Close lid.

Day 4: Taste and sweeten with honey if necessary. Fill into bottles and close with aluminum foil. It is still fermenting so don’t close the bottles with a lid!!
Store in the refrigerator.


Note: 1 day is really meant to be 24 hours 😉 Drink within one week.

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