Easy two ingredient chocolate mousse


I don’t have words to discribe this foodporn! It is done in 5 minutes…which is a problem because this enables almost immediate and infinite supply!

For 4 persons (or one ;-))

500 ml (2 cups) heavy cream
250 g dark chocolate

Whip cream until very firm. In the microwave heat chocolate (except for one piece) for 2 minutes, stiring in between twice (if it gets to hard soften with a bit of milk). Mix together chocolate and whipped cream and fill into serving bowls. Grade the piece of chocolate over the cream. Refrigerate until you serve.

One thought on “Easy two ingredient chocolate mousse

  1. It’s so simple and you don’t need to think of eggs and stuff! Fantastic!
    I took 150g of Suchard Sensations 86% Noir Brut and 100g of the
    Suchard Sensations Orange Noir 70% to add a hint of orange flavour … mmmmmhhhhh!

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