Coconut massage bar

On a trip to Thailand I learned how these wonderful people make the best massage oils themselves. Here I want to share with you how to make a massage bar that smells intensely like sweet coconuts. It is so unbelievably easy to make and makes your skin so wonderfully soft!




2 cans (total 800 ml) coconut milk (or better coconut cream)

(makes about 4 small massage bars)

Fill coconut milk into a large pot. Heat the milk until it bubbles. Be careful, because it can spill over easily if the pot is too small. This is the step where the water evaporates. Stir occasionally.  After about 15 minutes the oil (translucent) will start to separate from the protein part (white creamy part). This looks like it is curding. Now keep stirring so the forming coconut flakes will not burn. When the coconut flakes in the translucent oil start to get brown take the pot from the heat and drain the oil through a sieve. Fill the oil into silicon forms if you want to make bars. Let cool in the refrigerator for about 1 hour, or until they are white and hard. Keep them on a cool place until you want to use them. In action you just need to put them onto your skin and they will immediately start to melt.

This is just so much fun to make and soo easy!

This is the best sort of oil for dry skin! And you will smell like you just came from the Caribbean.

Thais even put this into their hair for 1 hour as a mask and then wash it out with shampoo. No wonders their hair is so silky and beautiful!!

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