How to treat sore nipples during breast feeding

Well, since very few people practice hard core nipple twister games before they have a baby I assume a lot of ladies also suffer from sore nipples when they start to breast feed…just simply because you are not used to somebody pulling and twisting your nipple for several hours a day.
My tip is organic LANOLIN and lots of air. After every breast feeding session apply Lanolin only to the nipple (not to the surrounding areola). If you already have sore nipples you will basically go through a painfull wend until it heals, but don’t give up! It will get better in up to 1 week and it is soooo worth it!

P.s. this is also a tip for men running marathon and forgot to tape their nipples.

Increase/decrease breast milk supply

Speaking of breast milk supply: some have too much (wow, that can hurt) and some have too little (which is very frustrating!). Everybody who has a baby and decides to breast feed will cross this concern. Here are my natural remedie tips for both cases, which I have all tried and really work:


– 4 cups of anis tea or fenel-caraway-anis tea (1 tsp anis seeds or fenel/caraway/anis seed mixture (1:1:1) per cup of boiling water and let sit in a covered cup for at least 5 minutes)
Be careful this does really work and when it kicks in you could end up with huge breasts with enough milk to feed a dozen babies.

– alcohol free wheat beer or malt beer


– 3 cups sage tea (1 tsp dried sage leaves per cup and let sit in a covered cup for at least 5 minutes)


Rub out just as much milk from your breast that your breast stops hurting insanely. Best do this under the shower with smooth striking movements twards your nipple while holding your breast with the other hand. Don’t overdo or this will stimulate more milk production. Cover breast with cool packs wrapped in a linnen for at least 10 minutes.

Baby belly massage oil


When your baby has a bellyache this easy to make ointment is a little miracle…just rub a bit clockwise on your little ones belly.

1 Tblsp fennel seeds
1 Tblsp caraway seeds
1 Tblsp anise seeds
200 ml almond oil

Mix together in a twist-off glass and let sit for 3 weeks on a bright but not sunny place. Shake once a day. Sieve trough a fine sieve and store belly oil in a dark glass bottle. Rub that little bloathed belly clockwise with this oil.

Baby napy rash ointment


This wonderful rash ointment will protect that sensitive (baby) skin and heal minor skin damages also on your adult skin…there are so many uses for this ointment.

1 twist off glass (about 500 ml)
each 15 g dried calendula, lavender and camomile flowers
150 ml almond oil
Sunflower oil to fill up (about 300 ml)

Fill everything into the twist off glass and fill up with sunflower oil until the flowers are completely covered. Let sit on a sunny place but not in direct sunlight for 3-4 weeks and shake once a day. This ointment can be used directly on napy rash baby skin, scares or small skin damages or in bath water.



Is there a rumble in your tummy?

Feeling bloated, did you eat something too heavy, or are you having gases? There is no necessity to go for stuff like “Gas X”. Have this simple mixture at home and your tummy (and that of your baby) will feel relieved within 1 hour.


Mix equal parts:

Fennel seeds (Fenchel)

Caraway seeds (Kümmel)

Anise seeds

Mix to equal parts. Prepare a tee of 2 Tsp of this mixture with 1 cup (250 ml) boiling water. Cover and let sit for 10 minutes. Strain through a sieve and drink warm.


Baby seife


For this soap you only need few ingredients and it is easy to make! It is a mild soap good for irritated and sensitive baby (and adult of course) skin! I just love the mild smell and soft feeling on my skin!!


260 g olive oil

60 g castor oil

80 g almond oil

150 ml destil. water

50 g Lye (NaOH), careful corrosive

20 drops pure chamomile 100 % essential oil

1 Tbsp chamomile flowers


1)      Cook dest. water and make a strong tee out of the chamomile flowers. Let it cool and measure 130 ml

2)      CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY ADD lye while constantly stirring. If you get some an your skin immediately neutralize it with strong vinegar. Let cool to about 30 °C.

3)      Meanwhile mix oils in a large glass jar or yoghurt cup and slowly heat oil in a water bath to 30 °C.

4)      Mix lye mixture into the oil mixture.

5)      Mix with a whisk until it thickens until the whisk leaves traces in the mixture that stay visible for a few seconds. If it doesn’t thicken use a hand-held blender and mix until thickened.

6)      Pour into silicon moulds (e.g.for muffins) or whatever form you want it to have. You can also use an empty and cut open milk box.

7)      Cover in a towel to keep it warm and let sit for 24 hours.

8)      After 24 hours take soap pieces out of the molds or cut into pieces as desired.

9)      Let dry on a dry place for 4-6 weeks. In this time the soap will get harder and the pH will sink.