calendula creme


Does your skin react sensitive to any kind of facial cream? This might be your relief…A completely preservative-free, silicon-free, scent-free simple facial cream that will help your skin heal itself and at the same time moisturizes your dry skin. (This is for a very special new friend of mine!)


30 mg calendula-olive oil (make it yourself: see my “calendula oil” recipe at

10 mg bees wax

10 g Tegomuls (the emulator to combine water and oil phase. Sorry, you can’t leave this out)

100 ml distilled water

Put water in one heat proof vessel (water phase) and bees wax, tegomuls and calendula oil in a second one (oily phase). Place both vessels in a water filled pot and heat until the bees wax in the oily phase has molten and is translucent. Take out of the water bath and fill water under a constant stream, constantly stirring into the oily phase. Place cream into a cold waterbath and stir, stir, stir….stir until the cream has become hand-warm. The cream goes through different phases. First it becomes stiff like a pudding, then more liquid and with more stirring the cream becomes creamy. Stir until the cream is completely cooled to room temperature. This process takes about 5 minutes. Now add the essential oils and keep mixing. Now you can scoop the cream into clean containers and close them with a lid. At room temperature the cream can go bad in a few weeks because it does not contain preservatives. If you keep the cream cool it stays good for a very long time.

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