This jam is just amazing. It never reaches my toast because I can’t stop spooning it right out of the glass! I keep on going back to the fridge. Standing there licking the last bit out of another glass of jam, it catapults me directly back to my childhood. Summer kissing my skin, a light summer wind breezing in by face while swinging on a swing hung up in a tree….I don’t know why, but this jam just makes me feel happy!

2000 g raspberries
500 g ripe bananas
500 g 3:1 gelling sugar
2 Tsp citric acid
1 handful fresh melissa

Mix all ingredients in a big pot. Puree fruit-sugar mixture with an immersion blender. Cook for 7 minutes. Fill into sterile jars, close with lid and turn onto lid for 5 minutes in order to generate a vacuum.

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