apple tiramisu

Surprise your friends with this quick, light and delicious:


(for 4 persons)

250 ml whipped heavy cream (low fat)

250 g low fat farmer’s cheese (Magertopfen)

8 Tbsp confectioner sugar

250 ml apple sauce

1 Tsp cinnamon

4 cl good rum

16 biscotti

cinnamon and confectioners’ sugar for the top


Mix together whipped cream, farmer’s cheese and sugar. Mix together apple sauce and cinnamon in an extra bowl. Shortly dip biscotti in rum and place them on the bottom of a small to medium casserole dish (or in 4 individual small glasses). Cover with cream mixture and then with apple sauce. Continue this over and end with cream. Mix cinnamon and confectioners’ sugar and sprinkle over top.

Chill before serving.

You can in- or decrease the amount of this recipe as desired.

This is so fast and soooooo good!!!! Perfect for summer and winter!! :o)

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